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Pubdate: 1970-01-01

It provides a variety of polymers, polymers and enoate resins, as well as several other thermoplastic polymers. These polymers are highly sensitive, transparent, clean and transparent plastics. These polymers have excellent chemical resistance, excellent physical strength and electrical insulation properties. This polymer has excellent metallographic microstructure.

It is a material with high refractive index based on another polymer, which is generally used for plastic analysis and mechanical analysis.

Thus optical grinding (optical disc grinding) and tool microscope inspection are carried out. We can easily obtain nanometer, surface finish, particle size, particle size, lubrication effect, surface hardness and other items. We can also easily obtain good mechanical properties, such as wear-resistant materials, injection molds, automobile engine parts manufacturing, etc.

Therefore, measurement and analysis are carried out to improve the performance of optical lapping (optical lapping) and precision machining. Through the coordinate system of the workpiece component, the mold design and the coordinate work of the part are realized.

A stable workpiece that completes the die casting process on a milling machine. Such as: CNC processing plants, die-casting molds, auto engine parts, gearbox parts, etc.

From the part name to the mold material and processing sequence, each process is considered as the basis of the process.

For example: die-casting die manufacturing, the working process of die-casting die roughly includes: rough machining, semi finishing, grinding, polishing and assembly. The finishing of die casting die includes three coordinate measurement, which is completed by computer automatic measurement and automatic measurement equipment respectively.

The final stage is the heat treatment stage, and then the heat treatment stage is the heat treatment stage, such as quenching state, quenching appearance defects, etc. The purpose of heat treatment process is to eliminate the internal stress formed by rough machining, so as to improve the hardness, wear resistance and other properties of steel. At the same time, heat treatment should be strengthened. The purpose of heat treatment is to eliminate the internal stress generated by rough machining, so as to improve the machinability of steel and reduce the production cost of parts. In order to make the heat treatment process have good economic benefits, under the effect of these factors, it is necessary to use cold working die materials. How to improve the machining accuracy of automobile dies?

Cold working die is mainly used to manufacture the die for pressing and forming the workpiece in cold state. For example, cold blanking die, cold drawing die, rolling die, glass cooling die, heat exchanger, quenching heat treatment change the shape of the workpiece, thus causing the shape of the workpiece to change.

As plastic and rubber and other polymer materials are not as soft, transparent, thin and ductile as other metal materials, due to the limitations of different plastic hard films, they can be used as a composite material of anti-corrosion lining through various types of modified materials.

● Different materials have different hardness. Due to the manufacture of different types of modification, such as PP, PE, PC, PVC, POM, ABS, etc., thermoplastic can generally use a relatively high content of PVC modified material, while a modified material with low use temperature and cost can use a modified material mixed with POM, EP/EP and other materials, with a size range of 60-75%.

Engineering plastic is a kind of composite material, which is made of engineering plastic resin as the matrix, and added with other additives and processing aids through special processing.

Due to its structural characteristics, elastomer materials have the advantages of toughness, rigidity and brittleness. Polyurethane materials have high impact strength and transparency, high mechanical strength and easy processing. They are two commonly used rigid materials.

The flexible processing of rubber elastomer hose can be flexible. The rubber elastomer hose can make any field change to the hose inside it. The elastomer hose can accurately realize mechanical deflection, improve the strength and nominal elastic deflection to a reasonable extent, and make it have a good internal surface and size, so it will not be deformed and affected. If the deflection is too large, the installation part of the slide rail cannot be moved, which is caused by the load of the supporting wheel of the slide rail and the hand of the friction pair.

For example, when the sliding rail has a large size and a small thickness, it is easy to loose, so there will be problems with this size. Once the installation is completed, the size of the slide rail can be separated from the size of the slide rail. At the same time, the size of the slide rail can be stabilized. After the installation, the height of the slide rail can be changed.

This method only allows the slide rail to be designed with one or more dimensions, as long as its female die is fixed, without affecting the slide rail, and folding does not limit the irregular processing accuracy of its upper end, which is the innovation of each inclined cone.

The key of the new hydraulic slide is to mount the rail synchronously. The hydraulic slide is driven synchronously with high-precision hydraulic double cylinders or hybrid hydraulic cylinders to achieve more work cycles. In order to realize high-speed processing, a torque is added to the bearing capacity of the slideway.

The common hydraulic slide rail is a slide rail, which is a machine tool for metal, hard alloy and other materials to slide onto and add the rapid ball forming of Chunhua Qiuhua. It is widely used in the automobile industry.

Manufacturers, dealers and distributors use the slide rail as the preferred transmission device for their products. The slide rail is manual, semi-automatic and pneumatic.

B6 is equipped with a lubricating oil pump, which can be used as lubricating oil in the lubricating pump, while the hydraulic pump is a pipe extruder.

Mechanical and pneumatic slide rails and hydraulic pumps are generally composed of multiple spindle groups. This space matching with space has such excellent properties as small rigidity, easy contact with electric wire, high rigidity, high reliability, easy processing, high reliability, etc.

In industry, the particularity of part design, structure design and numerical control system can make various mechanical structures more advanced.

In fact, stainless steel is a very competitive material and forms elements with other materials, including stainless steel, electroplating copper, iron, zinc, etc. It is a material designed with industrial products, and stainless steel material is to correctly understand its working principle and its key factors.