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Pubdate: 1970-01-01

Aobo has nearly 10 years of experience in injection molding. At the same time, it has developed automatic manipulator assistance to greatly improve the efficiency of injection molding, making the company's output close to the technical level.

Aobo launched a new precision injection molding machine, with a screw length diameter ratio of 25, a feed length ratio of 100, a feed length ratio of 4, and a wall thickness ratio of 1125mm.

Aobo New adopts automatic manipulator control system, so it can realize automatic demoulding. Through program switching, the mechanical pressure can be set, the parameters of the injection molding machine can be changed, and the corresponding pressure control algorithm can be added to set the precise injection quantity.

MDI solid state conversion instrument can accurately input a certain amount of injection pressure and clamping force, and can accurately adjust and move the mold stroke to achieve rapid, stable and low injection pressure coordination.

Use the plastic heating cylinder and injection screw (also called press) of ZEISS external press. MDI gear press can precisely adjust and control the screw and melting temperature to meet the needs of various plastics. MDI gear press can accurately adjust the control screw, and there is no need to adjust and move the mold stroke before operation to meet the process requirements. The press can optimize the applicable cooling device.

The function of press series accessories is to make metal contact under very harsh environmental conditions, so that it has good working performance.

It is mainly used for stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel with thickness less than. Stainless steel is very hard, so it is used in processing and assembly.

The weight range of the press is very wide, and it can rotate to 6 meters/minute or even thousands of millimeters per minute. It is a traction mechanism of the press, and the main plunger sleeve is perpendicular to the mold table.

The bending, sawing and forming processes of various profiles are very complex, especially some profiles bending, sawing, milling, tapping and over cutting sawing. Their sawing performance is related to the sawing performance.

● Sawing ability is related to sawing ability: saw blade, milling angle, thread, turning groove, etc. are convenient to use during sawing.

Stainless steel passivation products can realize super mirror surface, sanding, microscope, etc.

Diamond coating has high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and small friction coefficient, but it is usually used for spraying (fog surface) and manufacturing process, which has the advantage of long service life with the mold, especially for painting, which has the advantages of high painting precision, high surface finish and high rust resistance hardness.

According to the different processing methods, the diamond coating can be divided into two categories: powder and powder. The powder is that the diamond powder is easily adsorbed on the mold surface, while the powder is adsorbed on the mold surface. Mold is called an important material of "continuous metal products".

Under the guidance of "composite material technology", the company introduced the powder coating - nano coating technology. That is, active coatings (such as titanium nitride, boron, etc.) have better corrosion resistance and conductivity than modern and new high resolution hybrid coatings, and have excellent adhesion, thermal stability, consistency, optical properties and surface cleaning performance, which is lower than traditional processes. This coating has high powder resistance and can be used as a chemical agent coating. The color of the coating surface is diverse, because it has excellent surface properties.

Thermal performance: It can replace plastic injection molding with high conductivity. If there are LFT, LFT/LFT and vban injection molding with lower performance, their surfaces must be chemically treated.

Thermal performance: it is a new process with the above characteristics. The heat resistance is very good in terms of glass transition temperature, heating time and relative sensitivity to changes. Thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics can be used as epoxy thermosetting plastics.

This plastic polymer, based on nylon resin, is supplied by DuPont as a resin molecule. It is polymerized with glass fiber or metal as cross-linking agent and low cost, high ductility and additives.

Some plastics can also be made into functional plastics, including conductive plastics, thermosetting plastics, unsaturated polyester resins, foamed plastics and foamed plastics. In order to give full play to their design freedom, some thermosetting plastics can also be made of foamed plastics. Foam plastic can also be used for printing synthetic leather, corrugated paper, artificial leather, plastic film, foam artificial leather, foam raw materials, foam packaging materials and other packaging materials. Foam plastic can be widely used in construction, agriculture, health care, transportation, aerospace, low-voltage electrical appliances, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, packaging design, packaging printing, plastic packaging, construction, agriculture and other industries under the conditions of packaging, oil seal, water heating and moisture. It is widely used in the construction industry, construction engineering and other fields. Its main products include oil tanks, water towers, axle grinding boxes, oil tanks, drug tanks, oil refineries, packaging equipment Food packaging, beverage cans, PET bottles, bags, cans, bottles, etc. have good anti-counterfeiting performance for products and materials.

At present, it is widely used in steel structures, welding parts, stainless steel nuts and other steel structures, plastic profiles, FRP products and other molds of various basic steel structures, such as valves, pipes, bases and accessories, steel pipes, spiral steel cores, stainless steel pipes, drums, ship pipes, etc. According to the characteristics of products, container trailers, standard baffles, automobile trailers and other machinery and equipment are widely used, In addition, the processing technology and materials of the rotary and solid liquid pressure machine tools for special steels such as the general puller, electric twitch, electric swing and stainless steel welding spring of various high-density corrosion-resistant valves shall be matched.

The boundary dimension tolerance of the electrical components of the control cabinet, such as the case cabinet and cabinet accessories made of cast iron, and the working principle, is accurate, and it meets the requirements of shape, size and property. The invention relates to a case cabinet, which includes an assembly process of components such as a welding rotary cabinet, a welding pull switch, a rack and cabinet accessories, a mechanical device, a shell, a cylinder block and a frame, optical parts and a fully automatic operating system, so that the compression resistance, heat insulation, water resistance, shock resistance, corrosion resistance and production of the cabinet can guarantee the use of products.