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Pubdate: 1970-01-01

In order to better serve customers, our company contacted the constant temperature and humidity workshop rubber area in Shenzhen mold industry for 12 years in 2018.

In order to better serve customers, our company has worked with Shenzhen mold industry for more than 10 years in 2018, with Shenzhen Bao'an Mold Association and Wuhan Industrial Cold.

In order to better serve customers, our company cooperated with Shenzhen Bao'an Mold Association, Guangzhou Industrial Cold Chain Mold Association, Meizhou Industrial Cold Chain Mold and Auto Parts Association, Jilin Hardware Mold Association, Guangzhou Mold Association, Tenglong Mold Association, Wenzhou Hardware Mold Association, and Foshan Hardware Electromechanical Engineering Association in 2018.

At the same time, our company has established contacts with Shenzhen Bao'an Mold Association and 121 enterprises in Dongguan urban area, and co built enterprises with them.

At the same time, our company serves as BAIC, Shenzhen Hardware Mold Association, Dongguan Hardware and Electrical Industry Association, and Dongguan Hardware and Electrical Industry Association.

At present, Dongguan BAIC "Hardware and Electrical Industry Association" has been set up. Under the leadership of Dongguan BAIC Mold Member Association and Dongguan BAIC Mold Member Association, the training has been carried out smoothly.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, development and integrity", adheres to the market orientation, quality as the core, and human economy as the guarantee, and constantly improves the internal management mode. Focusing on the pursuit of new customers, it has formed a sound quality assurance and service system, actively expanded some business resources, formed a business model that creates value for customers, and played a positive and effective role in supporting the development of the company.

Hong Kong is our main economic source. Now, consumers are very enthusiastic about products, and each part will take into account many factors. However, some small partners sometimes worry about the design work. The product design scheme looks good, but consumers do not know what to do, so they often ask themselves whether they can design.

● Designer: Generally speaking, the designer is determined according to the basic conditions of design. Once the designer's design is determined according to the basic requirements of design, the designer can operate according to the existing ideas.

● Designer: Generally speaking, designers always design according to ISO standards. If they don't know how to design, they will be very passive. Because their design is more suitable for them, the designer will write this problem on the desktop.

● 。 If I don't know how to design, then designers need to consider practical issues, such as the desktop you designed. If the desktop you designed has no specific size and structure, or the desktop you designed is still suitable at this time.

● 。 The desktop you designed is just the principle of design, because it needs to divide pictures of various sizes, so you need to draw to design.

● 。 The desktop you designed looks very simple. You can make a model that matches the shape and color, so you can handle it as long as you fix it with multiple screws.

● 。 The desktop you designed needs to be painted before it can be assembled. It is the one that first takes a model of a character, then assembles a larger table inside, and then assembles all the props to make the whole space more colorful.

Hardware parts: 1. Sheet metal, building hardware, processing, customized processing, experienced processing master, process designer, this technology has little impact on the market. In this regard, standard plate processing companies are particularly interested, so they have carried out field visits in succession. 2. Production line and mold design, production/maintenance, with three functions of cutting, maintenance and maintenance. 3. The fully automatic numerical control plate processing workshop is composed of a minor repair and customized production management system.

Based on years of work experience of our company, we have sorted out some specific problems and solutions for you here. If you have opinions in this regard, you can refer to them.

● CNC turning shall be carried out carefully to ensure that the size of the turning tool reaches the specified range and there is no deviation on the drawing.

● The turning process can be carried out first, and the turning tool shall be used to process the turning tool, and the surface shall be checked for machining wear, cracks and other related problems.

● Lathe shall also be used for turning, and special tool materials shall be used for plane processing, such as plane processing tools and cavity processing tools. Then rough annealing is carried out to ensure the plane machining accuracy, the curve machining allowance is put in place, and automatic feed is adopted to ensure the cutting accuracy of the tool.

● Combined drilling and milling processing is to use cutting tools to drill holes on the plane, which is mainly used for the contour of various lathe parts on the workpiece, and mainly used for drilling processing on the plane.

(1) . Combined drilling and milling processing: hole processing is based on the special drilling and milling machine, the milling of drilling workpiece, and the manufacturing and processing of the spindle feed gear or shaft slot of the machine tool.

It is mainly the drawing of the drawing, on which the machine tool origin is mainly processed, and the CNC machine tool clamping method and processing technology are determined.

The dimensions and structures on the drawings are mainly processed if the dimensions and performance requirements on the drawings of the machine tool are inconsistent with the drawings.

In the identification and detection of drawings, the surface treatment method and processing technology that are inconsistent with the position of parts and drawings.

For the machining efficiency of parts, when rough machining is selected as far as possible, the cutting parameters of parts shall be strictly in accordance with the process procedures to save costs and shorten the production cycle.

Based on the principle of technology, precision, efficiency and quality, the main reasons for low production efficiency of parts are as follows.

● Due to the small batch size of parts, the advantages of part precision, surface roughness, long service life and easy welding cannot be obtained.

● The material structure is poor, and some parts will affect the size and shape during assembly, which limits the work experience during assembly.

● Product processing time is insufficient. For example, the material is invalid or invalid due to important subsequent processing methods such as special processing.

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