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cheap picnic mat


cheap picnic mat

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Product Introduction:

Ningbo Honesty Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of china taffeta picnic mat,govina picnic mat,picnic mat clipart,picnic mat and basket,gingham picnic mat,waterproof picnic mat large,picnic mat nz hammocks, Camping Pillows, camping tents, beach towels and other outdoor products, other outdoor camping gear,our company has a professional production and sales team,They are exported to Europe,Sao Tome and Principe,Sierra Leone,Djibouti,Chad,Turkey,Denmark,Tuvalu, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers at home and abroad.we can provide OEM and ODM service,new product development and design, welcome new and old customers to contact us.

Product name
cheap picnic mat
china taffeta picnic mat,govina picnic mat,picnic mat clipart,picnic mat and basket,gingham picnic mat,waterproof picnic mat large,picnic mat nz
Place of OriginChina
Brand Name
BYDOLL Beach Blanket Made by parachute fabric,Rip-stop 210T polyester. Light and small after folding,12 oz easy to carry.Waterproof and Sand proof,Dry-Quick. Feel comfortable lying down.Won't fade after washing.
147"L x 163"W(Custom),(Contact us for specific information to confirm)
Applicable Industries
Outdoor Park, etc.
Ash (Custom)
Accept Customized Logo
Outdoor Activity
Product Description
Anywhere you want to enjoy nature, this is the perfect picnic or beach equipment you can easily bring with you.Unfold the blanket and lay it on the ground wherever you wish to use it.
Life span
4 years (Contact us for specific information to confirm)
280x236x221mm(Contact us for specific information to confirm)
Customization Service Provided
Sales country
All over the world for example:Sao Tome and Principe,Sierra Leone,Djibouti,Chad,Turkey,Denmark,Tuvalu
452pcs(Contact us for specific information to confirm)
Easy Carrying,Essential for outdoor
payment terms
We usually accept T/T and L/C, we also accept Alibaba trade assurance,Western Union.Paypal.
Our sample delivery time is 7 working days including shipping, first order usually take 15working days.

Choose SYCHENG waterproof picnic blanket, enjoying the time outdoors with family and friends. Our Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket is the best companion for any outdoor adventure!

Suitable to be used indoors or outdoors, it is perfect for camping, picnics, sporting events, days out to the beach or park, and summer festivals;

Relax & Enjoy Your Time with SYCHENG Family Picnic Blanket

Anywhere you want to enjoy nature, this is the perfect picnic or beach equipment you can easily bring with you.Unfold the blanket and lay it on the ground wherever you wish to use it.

Beach Mat Also can be used as a canopy when it rains.Shading effect is excellent when the sun is strong.You can hang it up with a rope to get some shade.

cheap picnic mat

Ningbo Honesty Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd as one of the most professional compact picnic mat manufacturer has the advantages at:

Whether you are a personal buyer looking for the latest outdoor products in Mexico, or a shopkeeper or commercial wholesaler looking for suppliers in the United States, it is perfect for you because of our high quality products, low wholesale prices, fast delivery and dedicated professional services - all based on our global outreach strength.

Low MOQ, we can accept low MOQ as 428 sets, or even less quantity for every single item in big production order. Through long-term cooperation with UPS, DHL and other leading global airlines, we can provide world-class shipping options.

cheap picnic mat services FAQs Guide

Are you looking for a quick review guide about cheap picnic matservices?

An ultimate FAQ buying guide is available to help you.This guide contains all the information about all the important facts, figures, and various processes regarding cheap picnic mat services.

Let’s continue!

1.Can a cheap picnic mat withstand frequent use and washing?

We should have a stable supply chain and logistics capabilities, and provide customers with high -quality, low -priced cheap picnic mat products. It depends on the material and quality of the picnic mat. Some materials, such as waterproof and durable fabrics like nylon or polyester, can withstand frequent use and washing without significant wear and tear. However, other materials like cotton or canvas may not hold up as well and may require more delicate care to maintain their durability. It is important to read the care instructions for your specific picnic mat and follow them to ensure its longevity.

2.How to keep your cheap picnic mat clean and odor-free?

We continue to invest in research and development and continue to launch innovative products.
1. Shake off any debris: Before packing up your picnic mat, give it a good shake to remove any loose dirt, sand, or crumbs.

2. Spot clean spills: If you spill something on your picnic mat, try to clean it up immediately. Use a damp cloth or paper towel to blot the spill, then sprinkle some baking soda on the area and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.

3. Wash regularly: Depending on the material of your picnic mat,

3.Are there any cheap picnic mats with built-in insect repellent?

I have a comprehensive after -sales service system, which can pay attention to market trends in time and adjust our strategy in a timely manner.

Yes, there are several picnic mats with built-in insect repellent available on the market. Some popular options include the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Picnic Blanket, the Picnic Time Outdoor Picnic Blanket with Insect Shield, and the Coleman Insect-Repelling Picnic Blanket. These mats typically use a combination of insect-repelling materials, such as permethrin or citronella, to keep bugs away while you enjoy your picnic.

4.Does a thicker cheap picnic mat provide more comfort?

We have established long-term and stable partnerships with our suppliers, so we have great advantages in price and cost and quality assurance.
Yes, a thicker picnic mat can provide more comfort as it offers more cushioning and insulation from the ground. This can be especially beneficial if you are sitting or lying on hard or uneven surfaces. Thicker mats can also provide better support for your body, reducing strain and discomfort. However, the level of comfort also depends on the material and construction of the mat, so it is important to consider these factors as well.

Does a thicker cheap picnic mat provide more comfort?

5.Is it necessary to have a carrying case for a cheap picnic mat?

We have the leading technology and innovation capabilities, and attach importance to employee training and development, and provide promotion opportunities.
It is not necessary to have a carrying case for a picnic mat, but it can be helpful in keeping the mat clean and making it easier to transport. A carrying case can also protect the mat from damage and make it more convenient to carry to and from a picnic location. Ultimately, whether or not a carrying case is necessary depends on personal preference and the specific circumstances of the picnic.

6.What is the best budget-friendly cheap picnic mat option?

We continuously upgrade our skills and knowledge to adapt to changing cheap picnic mat market needs.
The best budget-friendly picnic mat option is a waterproof and foldable picnic blanket. These can be found at most outdoor or camping stores, as well as online retailers, for under $20. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and provide a comfortable surface for picnicking. Some even come with carrying straps or handles for easy transport.

7.Can a cheap picnic mat provide insulation from the ground?

We have a wide range of cheap picnic mat customer groups and establishes long -term cooperative relationships with partners. The countries we provide services include Sao Tome and Principe,Sierra Leone,Djibouti,Chad,Turkey,Denmark,Tuvalu.
Yes, a picnic mat can provide insulation from the ground. The thickness and material of the mat can help to create a barrier between the ground and the person sitting on it, preventing heat loss and keeping them warm. Some picnic mats also have a waterproof or moisture-resistant layer, which can further help to insulate from the ground.

8.How to make a DIY cheap picnic mat?

We have broad development space in domestic and foreign markets. cheap picnic mat have great advantages in terms of price, quality, and delivery date.
- Fabric (preferably a durable and waterproof material such as canvas or nylon)
- Scissors
- Measuring tape
- Sewing machine or needle and thread
- Fabric paint or markers (optional)
- Iron (optional)


1. Measure and cut your fabric to your desired size for the picnic mat. A standard size is around 5 feet by 6 feet, but you can adjust according to your needs.

How to make a DIY cheap picnic mat?

9.Are cheap picnic mats available in different patterns and designs?

We are committed to providing personalized solutions and established long -term strategic cooperative relationships with customers.
Yes, picnic mats are available in a variety of patterns and designs. Some common designs include stripes, plaid, floral, geometric, and solid colors. There are also mats with fun prints such as animals, fruits, and beach scenes. Additionally, some mats may have unique designs like a built-in cooler or waterproof backing.

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