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big picnic mat


acrylic picnic mat

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Product Introduction:

We have a great new product R & D team, integrating design, R & D, production, sales and trade, and advanced production equipment and skilled technical workers.Honesty Outdoor focuses on camping and sport products, and has marketing experience in Macedonia,Greece,Jamaica,Norway,Moldova, USA, Europe and etc. With the efforts over the past few years, the turnover is growing up 30% per year.Honesty Outdoor wholeheartedly invite the world's merchants to cooperate with us, to grow mutually and gain together.

Product name
big picnic mat
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Place of OriginChina
Brand Name
BYDOLL Beach Blanket Made by parachute fabric,Rip-stop 210T polyester. Light and small after folding,12 oz easy to carry.Waterproof and Sand proof,Dry-Quick. Feel comfortable lying down.Won't fade after washing.
84"L x 142"W(Custom),(Contact us for specific information to confirm)
Applicable Industries
extra seats, etc.
white (Custom)
Accept Customized Logo
Outdoor Activity
Product Description
Anywhere you want to enjoy nature, this is the perfect picnic or beach equipment you can easily bring with you.Unfold the blanket and lay it on the ground wherever you wish to use it.
Life span
8 years (Contact us for specific information to confirm)
299x132x169mm(Contact us for specific information to confirm)
Customization Service Provided
Sales country
All over the world for example:Macedonia,Greece,Jamaica,Norway,Moldova
331pcs(Contact us for specific information to confirm)
Easy Carrying,Essential for outdoor
payment terms
We usually accept T/T and L/C, we also accept Alibaba trade assurance,Western Union.Paypal.
Our sample delivery time is 7 working days including shipping, first order usually take 15working days.

Choose SYCHENG waterproof picnic blanket, enjoying the time outdoors with family and friends. Our Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket is the best companion for any outdoor adventure!

Beach Mat Also can be used as a canopy when it rains.Shading effect is excellent when the sun is strong.You can hang it up with a rope to get some shade.

Suitable to be used indoors or outdoors, it is perfect for camping, picnics, sporting events, days out to the beach or park, and summer festivals;

Anywhere you want to enjoy nature, this is the perfect picnic or beach equipment you can easily bring with you.Unfold the blanket and lay it on the ground wherever you wish to use it.

Relax & Enjoy Your Time with SYCHENG Family Picnic Blanket

big picnic mat

Ningbo Honesty Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd as one of the most professional foam picnic mat manufacturer has the advantages at:

Whether you are a personal buyer looking for the latest outdoor products in Mexico, or a shopkeeper or commercial wholesaler looking for suppliers in the United States, it is perfect for you because of our high quality products, low wholesale prices, fast delivery and dedicated professional services - all based on our global outreach strength.

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big picnic mat services FAQs Guide

Are you looking for a quick review guide about big picnic matservices?

An ultimate FAQ buying guide is available to help you.This guide contains all the information about all the important facts, figures, and various processes regarding big picnic mat services.

Let’s continue!

1.What is the best big picnic mat for a large group of people?

We pay attention to user experience and product quality, and provide the best product quality and lowest production cost for cooperative customers.

The best picnic mat for a large group of people would be a waterproof and durable mat that can accommodate multiple people comfortably. Some options to consider are:

1. Extra Large Waterproof Picnic Blanket: This mat is made of waterproof material and can comfortably fit up to 8-10 people. It also has a carrying strap for easy transportation.

2. Oversized Outdoor Blanket: This mat is made of soft and durable material and can fit up to 12 people.

2.Can a big picnic mat provide insulation from the ground?

We have a wide range of big picnic mat customer groups and establishes long -term cooperative relationships with partners. The countries we provide services include Macedonia,Greece,Jamaica,Norway,Moldova.
Yes, a picnic mat can provide insulation from the ground. The thickness and material of the mat can help to create a barrier between the ground and the person sitting on it, preventing heat loss and keeping them warm. Some picnic mats also have a waterproof or moisture-resistant layer, which can further help to insulate from the ground.

Can a big picnic mat provide insulation from the ground?

3.Can a big picnic mat also serve as a beach blanket?

We have rich industry experience and professional knowledge, and have strong competitiveness in the market.
Yes, a picnic mat can also serve as a beach blanket. Both are designed to provide a comfortable and clean surface for sitting or lying down on. However, it is important to note that not all picnic mats are waterproof or sand-resistant, so it may not be the best option for a beach setting. It is always best to check the product specifications before using a picnic mat as a beach blanket.

4.Is it necessary to have a carrying case for a big picnic mat?

We have the leading technology and innovation capabilities, and attach importance to employee training and development, and provide promotion opportunities.
It is not necessary to have a carrying case for a picnic mat, but it can be helpful in keeping the mat clean and making it easier to transport. A carrying case can also protect the mat from damage and make it more convenient to carry to and from a picnic location. Ultimately, whether or not a carrying case is necessary depends on personal preference and the specific circumstances of the picnic.

Is it necessary to have a carrying case for a big picnic mat?

5.What is the best budget-friendly big picnic mat option?

We continuously upgrade our skills and knowledge to adapt to changing big picnic mat market needs.
The best budget-friendly picnic mat option is a waterproof and foldable picnic blanket. These can be found at most outdoor or camping stores, as well as online retailers, for under $20. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and provide a comfortable surface for picnicking. Some even come with carrying straps or handles for easy transport.

6.How to choose the perfect big picnic mat?

We should enjoy a good reputation in the industry, and we can increase the added value of the products of cooperative customers through technological innovation.

1. Size: The first thing to consider when choosing a picnic mat is the size. You want to make sure that the mat is large enough to comfortably fit all of your picnic essentials, such as food, drinks, and utensils. It should also be big enough for everyone to sit on and relax.

2. Material: The material of the picnic mat is also important. It should be durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. Common materials used for picnic mats include polyester, nylon,

How to choose the perfect big picnic mat?

7.How to keep your big picnic mat clean and odor-free?

We continue to invest in research and development and continue to launch innovative products.
1. Shake off any debris: Before packing up your picnic mat, give it a good shake to remove any loose dirt, sand, or crumbs.

2. Spot clean spills: If you spill something on your picnic mat, try to clean it up immediately. Use a damp cloth or paper towel to blot the spill, then sprinkle some baking soda on the area and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.

3. Wash regularly: Depending on the material of your picnic mat,

8.How to set up a picnic area with a big picnic mat?

We pay attention to employee development and benefits, and provide a good working environment in order to improve the efficiency of employees and improve the quality management of big picnic mat products.
1. Choose a suitable location: Look for a flat and spacious area with a nice view, preferably near a park or a lake. Make sure the ground is dry and free from any sharp objects.

2. Lay out the picnic mat: Unroll the picnic mat on the ground and smooth out any wrinkles. If the ground is damp, place a tarp or a waterproof sheet underneath the mat for added protection.

How to set up a picnic area with a big picnic mat?

9.How to fold and store a big picnic mat?

We have a good reputation and image in the industry. The quality and price advantage of big picnic mat products is an important factor in our hard overseas market.
1. Lay the picnic mat flat on the ground: Start by laying the picnic mat flat on the ground with the patterned or waterproof side facing down. 2. Fold the mat in half: Fold the mat in half lengthwise, bringing the top edge down to meet the bottom edge.

3. Fold the mat in half again: Fold the mat in half again, this time bringing the left edge over to meet the right edge.

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