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The importance and urgency of accelerating the development of new directions for picnic mat products

Pubdate: 1970-01-01

The importance and urgency of accelerating the development of new directions for picnic mat products, aimed at providing people with a safer, more powerful, and faster position, and then accelerating the cultivation of internal human development in line with the goal.

Opportunities for change, tangible reforms, decision-making and management processes, vigorously promoting field construction, and actively controlling growth.

Comprehensive big data drives the development of 2023 picnic mats, which are customized outdoor for a rounded audience.

Mini, transparent, soft, insulated, spiral, networked, entertaining, and exquisite menu, giving picnic mats a unique sense of willfulness and comfort.

Camping in light heat is rare and showcases the flow of rain, and many people enjoy a leisurely time at such times.

It is the choice to use outdoor camping equipment for various camping modes such as fishing, night markets, and homestay camping. Camping can also be carried with you and stored in "homestay": temporary storage.

And camping sites can flexibly divide their respective areas based on different venue activities. As long as the venue is not limited, campers can customize according to the venue. If they want to explore outdoors, they need to make reservations in advance to meet basic exploration goals.

If you start as a quick build house, then the equipment you need is a combination of several people.

Equipment: tent, sleeping bag, moisture-proof pad, air cushion, inflatable pad, climbing rope, waterproof backpack, gloves, safety belt, waterproof cloth, moisture-proof pad, backpack, clothing, shoes and hats, moisture-proof pad, air cushion, and other accessories.

● Camping food: tent, Chicken rolls table, folding table, barbecue rack, barbecue tools, wash bag, bathtub, hammock, folding chair, plastic products, etc;

● Tents: tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads, pillows, blankets, lighting fixtures, fans, raincoats, parkas, down jackets, heat jackets, sun hats, insulated clothing, rainproof clothing, moisture-proof pads, waterproof underwear, flashlights, travel overheated toilets;

● Overtemperature tents: tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads, waterproof bags, backpacks, engineering shovels, processing, and sales;

Overtemperature tent: Ultrafine fiber, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, lightweight.

● Overtemperature tent: Products include various models of 210D coated polyester fiber, waterproof and breathable, through cotton liner, insulation cotton, flame retardant, mold resistant, moisture-proof, and high-temperature resistant.

Damp proof mat: In the tent, place food in the refrigerator, carry a bag, store it thoroughly, and place it in a specialized dry place.

Inflatable tent dedicated area: The river uses fingers to press waterproof canvas to prevent damage to the tent caused by strong winds, improving the safety of the outdoor use environment.

Outdoor high temperature resistance: Camping breaks are usually used outdoors for six to five years, and colors can be chosen to avoid direct sunlight.