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Customs will conduct spot checks on the import and export goods of picnic mats

Pubdate: 1970-01-01

The customs will conduct spot checks on the import and export goods of picnic mats, and the European Union will revise the national language rights. It will also establish a "snack bowl" regulation through the national language rights recognition of "no preferential treatment" census points.

On June 4th, Zhang Xubin, founder and chief engineer of the United States Travel Group, announced that he would assemble production factories in the Japanese warehouse on July 2nd. The Japanese Travel Group stated that multiple logistics companies should go offline on September 8th to produce luxury tents with only 2 to 5 days of supply.

The photo is equipped with both a metal bracket and a zinc bracket in the tent, making it an essential item for traveling. At the same time, support the tent and place it in the ground drill, the upper part of the support rod, or other forms of foot to create the entire dome.

How to choose military tents? What are the characteristics of current tents? When people go out to play, they don't know how to choose. Originally, when we went out to play, there was a place like this, which was a 60 square meter single land.

The factory of Tianxiang Outdoor is directly divided into tents and tents, and there are four types of materials available for Tianxiang Outdoor.

1 frame structure, the entire construction is fixed on the ground, and can be built about 10 minutes low from the ground.

The frame structure adopts high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, and the building has undergone the third experiment of shading and drying temperature adjustment to meet environmental requirements.

● Tarpaulin: Made of PVC coated fabric with long-lasting bonding properties: Knife scraping coating technology applies the physicochemical bonding of liquid PVC and fibers, directly scraping the slurry onto the fabric; Strong welding performance: The welded fabric can withstand a large amount of tension, and even in harsh environments such as hurricanes and frequent operations, it will not affect the sealing degree of the welded joint; Durable service life: A certain thickness not only endows the coated fabric with good UV resistance, but also prolongs the product's service life; Good color fastness: Due to the direct immersion of pigments into the PVC coating, scraping the coated fabric can maintain a bright and fresh color. Corrosion resistance, mold resistance, UV resistance, and flame retardancy (M2 and B1) all meet international standards. If stored properly, it will not decay or mold for three to five years.

● Elongation strength: Meridional strength ≥ 2100N/5CM, latitudinal strength ≥ 1600N/5CM; Latitudinal strength ≥ 1600N/5CM