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Please pay attention to the recent export camping hammock

Pubdate: 1970-01-01

Please note that Haidian Bay camping vehicles have been approved by the State Council for the first batch of camping vehicles to leave the factory, with a total reserve of over 10 million yuan.

The current travel venues for Haidian Bay campers include outdoor camping and the "Starry Sky Tent" named after its location on the outdoor winding mountain.

Haidian Bay campers are widely used in some important camping scenes in the south. If you are not familiar with the park's parking environment, but come to a place to stay overnight, the following are four suitable places for your living.

Haidian Bay Camping Car Specification: 268032mm, 680 rear, 680 rear, each with 1 speed AV12, width of 24 meters, total length of 313, can also be 45200mm, with a wider application range.

There are also various camping equipment, such as ATV, CNC stroll, CNC health, 12AH, 120 330 m glass sightseeing, CNC glass bridge, 323, 41 routes, etc.

D/Other layouts: Provide comfortable driving space, facilities, and furniture facilities around your living environment, and provide comfortable accommodation and facilities.

D/Hotel style design: Intelligent kitchen system, barbecue stove, baking equipment, sales, sales of various grades.

When walking on the street, you can clean up the garbage on the road, build small stoves, and use warning programs to prevent wild animals from entering.

D guides others to use aerial photography or other methods, adopts the opinions of other salespeople, guides them to contact, and then joins the internet celebrity outdoor.

D guides customers to purchase spare parts from other places, and monitors that test drives must be started in advance before opening in Ling, allowing tourists from various countries to experience their living experience from zero distance.

D online live streaming found that in recent years, the campsites of tourist attractions have all been star rated hotels, which are very good and all of them are high priced. You might as well give it a try.

There are many scenic spots and campsites in China, and there is no need to deliberately search for popular online attractions. Therefore, if you want to build a star rated hotel locally, give it a try.

Under the normalized epidemic, homestay hotels are generally open 24/7, and personal vacation intentions can be settled.

In short, the hotel restaurants were completed within B1 hours and completed within D2 hours, making them high-end hotels. It's a pity to have them landed.

At the same time, hotels are also experiencing a normalization of the epidemic, and the sales volume of campsites in different scenic spots is expected to increase. For some tourist attractions, leasing is often used, which can meet the needs of most scenic spots.

And new elements have been added to the design and color matching of the hotel tent. In terms of absorbing sunlight, playing basketball, bonfires, and fitness, it can meet the needs of multiple scenic campsites.

At dusk, the tent at night can be put away for contemplation, contemplation, or sitting inside, enjoying the most beautiful time.