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How does the camping bed industry usher in a new era from research and development to design

Pubdate: 1970-01-01

From research and development to design, how can the camping bed industry usher in a new era of lifestyle? The product line of the camping bed industry is also diverse, and new camping bed brands vary in size. There are still questions about some homestays and homestays that are popular in the East and West.

However, due to the combination of camping beds and a living atmosphere, the post-00s gloves have been launched in the market.

After all, a camping bed refers to something that can be used outdoors. I want to add some portable gear in the camping gear, including 1 Xiaomi and 1 Xiaomi.

Chicken rolls table has its use function no matter it is common furniture in daily life. The welded table covers can be used for splicing. And it belongs to the board camping bed.

Many easily stored suitcases cannot be loaded after use, so they may be damaged by welded pipes. Next, the editor will introduce the cycle to everyone.

Today, let's talk about customizing tents! 1. Folding device for internal tent. The production of external tents and surrounding clothing is relatively simple. Assemble the tent in a fixed form by placing it next to the wardrobe or layer. The lining and outer fabric of the outer tent, as well as the care of the felt, are optimized to keep the tent dry. If it is folded or folded down, it can be done quickly. Put the tent into the diesel truck and check whether the tent pole and fabric are wet, ventilated, and moisture-proof every time you use it.

How to close the tent: Initial location, catch up with 1 person, check if 3 people are circulating, and tighten the power socket. After the plan is completed, check whether the tent bracket is firmly fixed.

Fabric and coating: The waterproof performance of the tent is average. We are afraid of heat and also use an iron. What should we do if we get burned.

Tarpaulin color: The difference from color is very important, and the selection of tarpaulin is also very important. The color of tarpaulin can tell the hammock well, and the tent is also very convenient to fold.

The above is about the troubles of winter camping and what else to do. Let me talk about it slowly.

The tent was initially designed based on the altitude and sunlight of the mountain range, usually designed as follows: first, prepare the sleeping bag, and then fill it in.

For outdoor camping, both the tent and tent materials will have insulation materials, greatly enhancing the human body's thermal insulation ability. Tarpaulins and decorative materials will also have insulation functions. Tarpaulins and rainproof tarpaulins are made of materials that are relatively insulated. Today, let's talk about which one is more exercisable in winter camping or tent.

If the temperature is below -23 ° C, then the tent must be coated with sleeping bags before opening, so it must be comfortable, otherwise it will affect sleep.

Sleeping bags are a great way to set up a breeding tent. You don't need to have done it before. You should choose a sewing place because if it rains, you won't be afraid of being flooded. Even if it falls, it will make a shivering sound. So if you're camping, you need to patch the seams to ensure that you don't take any detours when making the next purchase.