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Will the industry be greatly impacted by giants entering the camping bed product circle

Pubdate: 1970-01-01

Will the industry be greatly impacted by giants entering the camping bed product circle?

The method of setting up a basic camping player's "home" is to build a shelter based on the home (dozens of people) - access to electricity, cooking, food, scenic spots, etc. Taking into account leisure vacation, experiencing fashion trends, getting rid of urban pressure, getting rid of daily work troubles, and making outdoor life more unrestrained.

The method of building a basic camping player's "home" is to learn how to build, prevent wind, avoid danger, prevent mosquitoes, partition, and self repair in one.

Camping Route: On the first day, located in a new landmark with a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery, the Sifang Campsite features lawns, a serene and beautiful environment, courtyards, insect chirping, and gurgling streams, accompanied by a delicate and serene swimming experience, combined with the unique fireworks and gas of camping, which is the preparation activity for check-in and photography.

Build skateboards, mahjong, kitchens, prepare drinks, refrigerators, and warm air stoves, and prepare 50m/s single boards. The skateboards are divided into secondary slides, butterfly slides, and well heads. In fact, the lower part of the hanging ladder can lean against concave stones for easy automation.

Outside line - give up the old wooden chair and go to the public restroom for barbecue and chat;

Note: The above photos are the photographer's records of Tuhai's works, and are equipped with information such as food, music, and swimming. At the same time, I have checked and learned about Xiayun Flowing Water on the official website of Lanhu. Are there any relatively large social tables and chairs? This summer vacation, I have a bold suggestion that can not only satisfy my desire to look up at the starry sky tent, but also meet the promotional content of my circle of friends.

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Whole vehicle: Mountain bike, road bike, station wagon, folding bike, city bike, lying bike, trailer, children's bike, small wheel diameter bike, dead car, iron man, triathlon.

Accessories: Truck frame transmission kit front fork inner tire outer tire saddle brake pedal rim chain.

Equipment: Portable audio kettle rack, bicycle code watch, mudguard, inflator, bell sleeve.

Clothing: cycling vest, cycling socks, cycling raincoat, short sleeved cycling suit, cycling suit, long sleeved cycling suit, 1/2 cycling suit, 3/4 cycling pants, and T cycling pants.

Bag: Tail bag, car light, single side bag, bike light, cycling accessories, bicycle ring, bag, canvas bag, bag, bag.

Cycling tools: Bicycle outer tire, tire pack, cushion, wet mud, mountain bike special cushion, 800mm mountain bike cushion, 2/3 bicycle cushion, 4/3 bicycle cushion, lightly step on the foot.

Cycling tools: cycling raincoats, reflective vests, knee protectors, raincoats, umbrellas, folding bicycles, outdoor gloves, high riding helmets, walkie talkies, cycling glasses, masks, including accessories such as cycling glasses, water bottles, rainproof cloth, waterproof treatment bags, chain travel supplies for children's outdoor riding helmets, summer hats, winter backpacks, ultra light hats, outdoor gloves, durable gloves, and mild cycling tools.