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To enter the camping pillow foreign trade industry, you need to master these skills

Pubdate: 1970-01-01

To enter the camping pillow foreign trade industry, you need to master these skills while camping in a camping wilderness tent.

Plan: On the evening of the 20th of each month, starting from the assembly day in Fengtai District, Beijing, we will arrive in Xingyang District, located in Longquanyi District, Beijing, set up our tents and embark on a camping trip. Set up a tent, work together, clarify the camping date, and start a 7-day outdoor trip. Actually, this camping tent was built by the district.

It depends on what type of camping object it is, try not to frame it, and make sure to use a seemingly reasonable combination. If the frame passes through.

Firstly, attach a prominent sign at the cross position of the tent to meet the requirements of this sign.

Clarify the types of camping objects, the size of the camping site, usage functions, and activity safety. Regularly check the integrity and safety of camping objects to ensure sufficient camping experience.

When elected as a camping area, all campers in the designated camping area must provide corresponding camping equipment to ensure the smooth progress of camping.

You have chosen to purchase a tent and share camping related items. Please read and store the tent based on the camper's experience.

You know, there are generally two types of tents: one is fixed camping, and the other is mobile camping.

It should be noted that camping in some places prohibits the use of tents, especially for young people who prefer outdoor use. Some young consumers even use positioning lights and tent positioning lights when purchasing tents.

Plastic coating is also widely used in decoration, ventilation, water supply systems, and other functions.

The product is moderately used, and maintenance is not affected by the environment, item replacement, and storage efficiency is extremely low.

Before setting up a tent, the terrain must be carefully surveyed, and there should be no rolling stones, rolling wood, or weathered rocks above the camp;

When installing on mud or sand, drainage ditches can be dug around the tent to ensure the dryness of the ground inside the tent;

If you need to cook in a tent, be sure to keep the flames away from the tarpaulin or isolate them with a fireproof board. During cooking, people are not allowed to leave the tent, and a fire extinguishing plan should be prepared and exhaust fans should be installed to eliminate oil fumes;

Before storing cotton tents, it is necessary to air dry the tarpaulin and fold it for storage after it has returned to dryness. If there is no time to cool and dry the tarpaulin, remember not to store it for a long time to avoid staining and mold.

Depending on the local humidity and climate conditions, regularly air the tarpaulin to prevent bacteria from breeding and damage to the rainproof coating of the tent.

× I would like to inquire and submit the relevant product Maple Leaf Camo Tent Police Special Police Tent Type 95 Camo General Medical Tent.

Welcome the court to report to the court. ICU is designated as a police tent with no special requirements, and medical security certificates are provided to the court.