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Take you to learn about picnic mat distributors

Pubdate: 1970-01-01

Take you to learn about the outdoor travel circle of picnic mat distributor Park Sports Wood Carbon.

Around the year 2000, the high-end rental market shifted and the popularity of similar retail rental items can be greatly reduced. With the increasing competition in the market, related supporting products will also increase for another year. This rising tide is based on the economic foundation of outdoor activities,

The process of dismantling the glue and cracking the tents used for sports in the past was very difficult, and the reconstruction of the disaster areas was very poor. In addition, with the return of the weather, various activities could be stepped on at any time.

Today, let's talk about a professional camping tent wholesaler. Picnic mats are a popular camping folding tent brand that focuses on gathering together. This picnic mat is divided into four categories:.

The product structure is relatively simple: the picnic mat can be used as a temporary accommodation due to its support rod mainly supporting the ground and providing a temporary shelter that can be built together.

The product structure is relatively simple: easy to carry and transport, hydrostatic pressure ≥ 50kpa, inflation pressure 20kpa, anti surface water 230-200mm, inflation time 15-20min.

Outdoor picnic mats are a popular type of carpet in recent years. Stepping on them can feel comfortable, and lying down can give people a shower like feeling.

Picnic mats are a popular filling material for trampling or agricultural land, which has functions such as wear resistance, heat insulation, moisture-proof, and mothproof.

The style and size include a table, chairs to set the dining table, fruit cutting boards, glass round tables, rotating chairs, colored bar tables, folding chairs, high-temperature blast furnaces, and other configurations.

Kitchen, toilet, shower room, bathroom, restaurant, conference room, sports and leisure room, exit building, industrial warehousing, catering and festivals, civilian town, leisure vacation, fire protection, disaster relief, etc.

We have over a thousand tables (with over ten specifications), tens of thousands of chairs (with dozens of styles), and a large number of equipment required for exhibitions and promotional activities. These are the material foundation for organizing various activities and the guarantee of success. At the same time, we have a group of experienced employees who are confident in the success of various large-scale events.

Our company provides rental services for tables and chairs in the Qingdao area, as well as in areas such as Tianyantai and Weifang. We also offer large quantities of rental services. In order to provide quality, our company has purchased a new batch of table and chair equipment, providing customers with the enjoyment of using them. Our company provides reasonable prices for table and chair rental, and we can provide delivery to the site. Our company provides leasing and rental services for the Qingdao area. Our main business is news release.

The company's main business is: 1) Rental of various chairs 2) Rental of office supplies 3) Rental of outdoor activity supplies.

Tarpaulins are widely used in exhibitions and expos, which are effective extensions of exhibition halls and can meet the special requirements of outdoor exhibitions. 1. Canopy span: 10, 15, 18, 21, or 25 meters can be selected. 2 Varieties: Can be selected according to exhibition requirements. 3) Canopy structure: Canopy unit: 1) Common use of the tent: 3) Indoor space: 3) Different types of tents can be selected according to the expansion of activities.