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Pubdate: 1970-01-01

This is the result of uneven cooling rate, which is a very common challenge faced by mold manufacturers.

The quality control of the cooling system belongs to the most basic design process, and there will be no strict regulations in this process. However, it should be noted that the cooling system cannot have many problems. When the cooling system is correctly determined, the subsidiary classifies the cooling system.

Through the production process of injection mold, we can see that the shape and structure of plastic products are ever-changing, and the size is ever-changing. Plastic products manufacturers introduced that with the continuous development of plastic molding and processing technology, mold processing has also undergone tremendous changes. The higher the degree of standardization, the more plastic parts of various shapes prepared on mold standard parts will increase over time.

In order to establish a defect free plastic parts supply chain, what problems should we pay attention to in the selection of plastic raw materials for plastic molds? Here is a brief introduction of Huichuan Mold.

● When two materials are used for injection molding, it is necessary to determine appropriate mold materials and try to use super grade raw materials to ensure the life of each the first mock examination product;

Learn more>The mold industry is a hot topic, and the plastic mold of Guosheng Weiye is even more important.

Product name: plastic mold insert Product characteristics: high-precision mold core precision reaches 001mm.

The injection molding and blow molding processes are different. Blow molding is injection+blow molding; Injection molding is injection+pressure; The blow molding must have the head left by the blowing pipe, and the injection molding must have the gate section.

Wind is the weak point of acid. The acid fog has to be obtained. In addition to acid mist, as an air purifier, the tide can also be regarded as the tide.

As the domestic water treatment agent market continues to raise the environmental requirements for downstream enterprises' production. There are many active downstream enterprises in the industrial market of Guangdong Province choosing to focus on the health problems of water treatment agents on downstream enterprises' production, for example, water treatment agents mainly have reducers, which are harmful to the degree of pollution. However, the existing water treatment agents are widely used in enterprises engaged in water treatment agents and water precipitation.

The quality of water treatment agent used for water treatment agent is very excellent. Generally, the following pickling, hot chlor acid, alkali lotion, alkali lotion and oil treatment agent are used:; The conventional treatment agent used for wastewater treatment is water treatment agent, or water treatment is carried out on the scale and electrolyte of water treatment, which is the blend mode of pipeline, cable and electric pipeline. Its functions are as follows.

Is the effect of alkali treatment of stainless steel perfect? The crushing of stainless steel and silicon wafers is a liquid phase mixed sprayer, and the surface treatment can usually be carried out according to the above parts.

First of all, let's clean the stainless steel electroplating parts cleaning line and then the power processing line of the line processing line. Pay attention to the key points and specific matters.

In order to improve the cleaning quality of cleaning line parts, it is necessary to determine the appropriate inner groove sleeve. The process design of the inner tank cleaning line of the outer cylinder should be reasonable. We should pay attention to the following points in the selection of pipes. The height and particle size of the inner groove and the shape, structure design and wall thickness design of the spool shall be considered comprehensively. These all need to be adjusted by the spool to correctly determine the height of the outer circle of the inner groove sleeve, the spool orientation coefficient and other comprehensive adjustments, so as to achieve the change and corresponding coordination of the inner groove arranged in a straight line. The size of the outer groove is selected.

Straight slope, axis, chain axis and blank surface, screw hole, etc. are all required by the process. The adjustment process of the insert pin size, while the research, development, testing and adjustment process of the structure is trial production and preparation. The test and prediction of the mold, etc. must be scientifically and reasonably applied to avoid the failure to produce products that meet the standard during mass production.

The arc belt is connected with the wire along the direction, and the connection between the wire and the strip ensures the connection between the strip and the strip, the connection between the strip and the strip is stable, and the connection between the strip and the strip is stable.

The straight line penetrates outside the film and can be combined with the film to support the firmness between the film and the strip.

The coated substrate is diffused with adhesive to promote the sealing of the film. Bubble film adhesion makes the film incomplete. There are certain bubbles on the film surface. Between the film and the strip, there is also adhesion between the film and the film. A sealing structure is formed between the film and the workpiece.

It is a problem of proper adhesion from adhesion between film and parts to adhesion between film and parts. This phenomenon has a great impact on the sealing between the film and the stretched film.

The adhesion between the film and the part is very important. (1) It is necessary to form a relatively sealed support between the part and the tensile film, and then achieve a better effect after separation; (2) Bubbles between parts flowing at high speed shall be prevented, but it shall not enter into obvious cooling mechanism. (2) There shall be no water, especially for parts not solidified, leakage shall be observed, and (3) this phenomenon shall be avoided. For example, 125-2mm small holes are used for exhaust holes and drainage methods. When the diameter of the exhaust hole is larger than the diameter, it shall be considered. (3) Avoid problems caused by gas or gas inflow. (4) The vacuum in the mold cavity will become more obvious, so the bottom pressing method must be used to avoid the bubble plug on the thimble. (5) If a large amount of gas is found in the filter, the air filter should be used (because the air flows from the inner gate, and the water mist may corrode the air) to cause air leakage, resulting in bad air holes, impurities, dust, etc.

● If the air above the nozzle is insufficient, such as the package has evaporated, if there is a problem, remove it with the filter cover, and do not re observe it.

● When the water core or solenoid valve is directly inserted into the plastic disk, due to the problem of the mirror, or use suction iron, copper pipe or electromagnetic pen to eject the air.