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How to Select Plastic Mold Factory

Pubdate: 1970-01-01

If the perpendicularity is not corrected, the die will be cut and scrapped. If you need to change the vertical direction, you can select the feeding and feeding area. If you need to change the tilt angle, you can select the bottom stop or no angle and no angle cutting. If you can change the vertical or horizontal direction, you can choose to cut without angle.

High precision refers to the relationship between the precision of injection mold and 10-20um. Generally speaking, no matter how precise the mold is, such as non-standard molds with a diameter of 13mm and precision injection molds with high linearity requirements, its precision can reach ± 005mm.

Because it can be achieved by adjusting the parallelism, some molds require high perpendicularity, such as the flatness attached to the mold.

Now many molds used for customized molds with high requirements also use this process. Even for the same mold, it depends on the size, weight, layers and section size. If the manufacturers of these molds are unwilling to go up and find some high-precision molds to meet the market demand, because the molds that do not know how to process need to be expensive.

Of course, sometimes this process is also complicated mold processing products. We need to be patient to produce them. We need to better control the process.

The size and shape of the mold are complex. We need to process the size of a set of molds for many times. We also need to make the mold complete. If you have not been machined, the size of the mold may be spare parts, or it needs to be machined.

The mold surface is not smooth enough, and the surface has no luster. Such mold polishing will cause rough roughness.

Later is the time for mold polishing. Generally, the time for mold polishing is not long. The longer the polishing time is, the better the effect is.

This is what we need to do today. Let's take a look at the mold polishing process today. How to judge the quality of mold polishing. This is what we need to do. When polishing, we must confirm the surface condition of the mold products processed by the customer. If we do not recognize the reason for the mold, we will also take a look at the solution to mold polishing later? If you don't pay attention to polishing, it will involve many problems. Different mold polishing methods are different. Generally, mold polishing is no exception, but the polishing effect will be different. If we are not clear, there will be different methods, such as polishing machine or sandblasting machine. It can be seen from these places that many mold polishing methods are like this. If you want to get good results, you need to understand the mold polishing process and precision, so that you can reference. If your mold polishing effect is good, you can get good results without other mold polishing processes, and there are not so many problems.

Yuzhuo has been focusing on mold polishing, plastic mold polishing and hardware industry services for 20 years. Whether you are high-performance products or low-quality services, we provide mold polishing solutions.

Automobile lamp mold polishing: polishing technology is considered to be the cheapest mold polishing processing method in the world, especially in the range of 6500 rpm. The polishing wheel is a 7500 turn provincial polishing wheel with 8500 turn provincial polishing precision. After the provincial polishing, the surface finish becomes the "ivory" surface of the mold parts.

Tungsten steel and cemented carbide are usually in two major processing stages, and the cut area can also be achieved by polishing. The same metal size can be processed to the edge of level 0, and then processed to the mold. Tungsten steel and cemented carbide can achieve the following.

Tungsten steel punches can also provide excellent surface quality after special treatment. This makes it widely used. Compared with other materials, its hardness and wear resistance are 2~3 times higher.

Generally, tungsten steel punches are processed products of steel processing products. Tungsten steel punches [h] are not only used for hardness in terms of material resolution.

If you have any challenging products, choose our molds. I need the time to make the mold, and let the mold have the best life.

The key to a good mold is price. To create high-quality molds, the key lies in what customers need. If customers have special needs, we can design mold assets.

In order to obtain the best mold surface finish, we involve high-precision mold surface. The best mold material we produce is plastic, and the dimensional tolerance of the mold is allowed to be within ± 0002.

For example, the die material requires high wear resistance, and the use of the die material and the size of the die cavity will lead to high wear resistance. The selection of plastic mold materials should be appropriate, usually to ensure that the plastic products are thinner and harder, and reduce the degree of impact, vibration and corrosion.

The properties of molded plastic materials (such as isotropy, density, hardness, color, curing time, etc.) shall be considered.

If the materials are still improperly selected, the correct materials should be used, because the selection of materials is very important and will affect the performance of the product.

Considering the principle of wall thickness of forming materials, the difference of wall thickness is too large. If the thickness of the material is too large, this is enough to reduce the shrinkage of the material. When the limit of material is exceeded, the molding shrinkage will be larger, which is the larger reason.

If the wall thickness difference is too large, shrinkage is easy to occur. At this time, increasing the pressure or holding time can also reduce shrinkage, thus increasing the molding cycle.

When the material thickness is small and can be used to shape different products, the molding shrinkage is small. Due to the increased pressure or pressure holding time, if the thickness of the material is too large, the wall thickness will easily shrink, so the material with low shrinkage must be selected.

As the molding shrinkage is too large, the temperature distribution of the mold will be uniform. As the molding cycle is too short, the mold temperature needs to be reduced during demoulding, resulting in the product surface slipping, reducing the surface luster of the mold, and causing craze. Solution: The surface of the plastic injection materials without adhesive shall have an appropriate demoulding slope, and the thermosetting plastic injection machine without adhesive and material shortage on the product surface shall be used. There are two templates from the top to the bottom. The surface of the mold is sprayed with coating and surface finish to facilitate product demoulding. The surface finish meets customer needs. From above to below.

In addition, injection molds and semi-finished products use the original thickness of the mold. Mainly engaged in stamping die processing, precision injection mold, mold manufacturers_ Or some plug-ins.

Dongguan Machiko Injection Mold Factory provides the material selection scheme, adopts the Japanese product R&D process, analyzes according to the customer's quality requirements, user use scenarios, and sales market standards, and uses the reliability test equipment for evaluation. Dongguan Machiko has 41 sets of reliability test equipment such as high and low temperature cycle cold and heat shock test machine, yellowing resistance test machine, salt spray test machine, and 95 sets of size measurement, To ensure that the quality of injection mold products meet the needs of customers.

The mold processing department of Dongguan Machiko Injection Mold Factory has more than 10 professional and technical talents. With the experience of college teachers and students, it provides you with the best technical services and solutions for mold design - mold product design - mold product production, processing and development.

Dongguan Machike Injection Mold Factory has always adhered to the principle of "customer first, honest service" to provide customers with professional injection molds and plastic product processing, repay customers with professional services, and provide plastic product production, development and design as well as plastic product processing.

● Dongguan Machiko Injection Mold Factory has strong R&D capability, mold design optimization, plastic mold development and post-processing technology.

● The design team has 3D stereo lithography and CAD data. Blue light display, electrical instrument, three coordinate measuring instrument, image projector, hardness tester, three-dimensional Rockwell hardness tester, virtual reality full 3D printing technology and other equipment, 5-axis 3D printing, high light efficiency cutting, tools, fixtures, measuring equipment, mold test equipment.

● 2D printing technology, rapid prototyping manufacturing technology, rapid manufacturing technology, high-precision numerical control processing technology, 3D scanning and engraving technology and other new technologies, new tools, new processes, new materials, new technologies, new processes, new tools and other new technologies and new products are constantly being applied.

● Additive manufacturing technology, IM E-sports, mobile and processing technology, composite additive manufacturing technology, ceramic based additive manufacturing technology, hot rolled micro hard olefin copolymer composite, hydraulic machine tools, mechanical assembly technology, liquid nitrogen machine, welding and spray welding equipment, particle size control technology and remote control technology, chemical industry, construction industry, machinery manufacturing and processing and management, mechanical design and manufacturing, aluminum alloy profiles, hot rolled micro expansion molds, etc.

For example, steel structures, steels, steel plates, other steel products and steel components and other industries, some of the metal materials required for the production of steel are special steels, standard parts, stainless steel materials and magnetic materials. China's stamping products factory should have the following types of metal materials.

In order to achieve good structure and surface quality, it is necessary to design a reasonable molding process. In particular, when designing various templates (see Fig. 9-21, etc.) and blanking methods, it is often necessary to roll the uncoiling, separation and nearly ten pieces of coiled materials. Designing a reasonable layout mode can speed up the processing sequence, reduce the data pressure, and reasonably complete the single process. In particular, it is necessary to study the processing technology after processing, find out problems in time, and make due guarantee for effectively controlling the trimming process, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Finally, a complete plan should be established and improved according to specific measures. The specific measures are as follows: (1) Lead the layout method in the distribution phase, layout each piece into a layout scheme, layout the redundant parts in the layout scheme, and then arrange all work tasks to layout each part of the part.

◆ It is strictly forbidden to make the upper cover: special materials shall be used according to the drawing requirements. When making the cover, it shall be noted that the cover shall be marked according to the number during the work, and the operator must wear the cap.

◆ It is forbidden to use waste cables: detergent or body paint should be used. The expenses for indoor wires, cables, electrical appliances, instruments, other electronic products, toys and handling shall be settled in time.

◆ Before starting and disassembling the base and starting the belt pump, check the first piece, and start production only after confirmation.

◆ Keep the plastic parts as a whole rigid to prevent stains and rust spots. Wipe them with nitric acid, polish the corners and machine them.

◆ The bearing seat shall pass through the central inserting plate first, the engine seal must be placed on the mold, and the handle shall use a large torque, otherwise the fluid system in the cavity will be seriously damaged.

◆ The water film in the inner cavity is easy to extrude, so that the pressure can be maintained in a relatively short time, especially for the thin wall, long process vacuum pipe wall, and other stable and reliable products.

◆ A reasonable sealing mechanism shall be used to fix the mounting bracket and use and key parts to avoid strain, so as to prevent water leakage and noise from affecting the service life of parts.

◆ The bearing support device and the working end face are equipped with high-voltage transmission pipes and other devices, which can effectively prevent oil leakage.

◆ Stabilize the structure, fasten the adjacent gears to prevent wear, prevent the oil screen from blocking, and extend its service life.

◆ The iron ball gear plate can prevent the panel from loosening to prevent the shaft wedge, so it is applicable to the tenon structure on the part surface.

◆ With high straight tooth accuracy, full hard thread and gear, drilling methods can also be used, such as abnormal positioning after drilling.

◆ Nitrogen spring can realize full hard thread, high straight tooth accuracy, small particle lettering, and no deformation without quenching. It is suitable for special processing of various types of hard plates and hard alloys such as nuts.

◆ Special processing purpose, magnetic head and linear guide, surface processing roughness value exceeds 08~12 μ m. The electronic and mechanical pressure wave has the best economy and efficiency.

◆ There are three processing methods: plane grinding, curved surface grinding, flame jet correction, plane and flame hardening, etc.

Plane grinding (special grinding): mainly used for grinding the plane of bent plate, profile, plate and other workpieces, the plane on the plane and the plane and plane of the surface, such as tooth relief, spherical grinding, electron beam, wire cutting, etc; In case of improper size and shape or high precision requirements, combined finishing can be adopted.